December 29th


Oh my goodness, this has never ever happened before on the Pants family “holidays” together. Never ever!

The girls got a day out. On their own. No kids!!!!

A trip to DFO was in order, and the best thing about it was, because its a new DFO and the obviously wanted to open – there were no kids outlets!!!

So we just had to shop for ourselves! Yay!!!

It was like some sort of revolution, the factory outlet people have recognised the needs of mothers and have provided.

Spent loads, got loads.

All for me!

I did, however, struggle with the incredibly rich sister-in-law, who struggled with the whole “factory outlet” thing (there was last seasons stuff on sale – she couldn’t possibly be seen in that!!). So she wandered around bored, occasionally gracing the stores that offered product with price tags over the $100 mark.

Then sneered at the sales assistance anyway.

Once we’d done the outlet, and she’d made comment on all our accoutrements, we allowed her to drag us into places we’d never usually put foot inside.

I couldn’t resist the text to Grumpy Pants … “We’re in a shoe shop! The cheapest pair so far is $200!!”

Shortly thereafter came the phone call…

“Get out NOW!!!!”

Hmm, he knows I love my shoes.

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