December 31st

New Year’s Eve!

I caught up with a friend who is down for a flying visit. It was so great. We haven’t seen each other for years, but she’s one of those friends you can go without speaking to for a year, and still be able to catch up.

Grumpy, Godzilla and Monkey Boy had to accompany me (she wanted to see the kids) and we met her new boyfriend.

And, we met at a coffee shop, which I have decided does things to Godzilla. Not good.

We were chatting away, and he wandered over to me. Hands firmly down pants. My senses went to high alert, particularly after the incident in Gloria Jeans during Christmas shopping! Oh, help.

“Excuse me, mummy” he says, gorgeous smile on face.

Phew, I thought, he’s going to ask for a drink or a biscuit or something.

“Can you bite mine stiffy tape.”

Oh, f***!

For once, I was totally speechless. Yes. Me.

Time to go.

Heading out to see fireworks tonight, anyway.

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