December 8th

Today was a Battle of the Favourite.

No, not for the kids devoted love and attention.

It was for the adoration of other Mums.

I’d organised a coffee date with another school Mum.

Grumpy Pants had organised one with an ex-swimming Mum. He was unaware of my pre-scheduled meeting, so came bragging to me that he was having a coffee this very morning.

Not only was he unaware of my appointment, but he was also unaware that another school Mum had been invited to accompany me and my chum.

Grumpy, since becoming a SAHD has had more coffees with more Mums – mostly my friends – than I have in a whole 5 and a half years!

Not only that, but he booked his coffee date at the same place I had!

So the battle was on. In the playground. I was one friend up on him and he couldn’t handle it.

We almost brought another Mum to tears, both asking her to join us for coffee at the same time!

“Please don’t make me choose” she begged. But she wasn’t going to be let of that easily.

“You got time for a coffee” was being thrown around in excess, across playground, through bag rooms and outside toilet doors.

We travelled down to our meeting place – only to discover there was one table, and only one table, left available for us.

All of us. And no-one was backing down.

So we had to join our groups, share our conversations and drink out skinny lattes in large group.

Then the bastard made me pay for his friends coffee!

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