December 7th

Grumpy Pants off at swimming lessons with Godzilla, and as I’m (again) 3 weeks overdue with the shopping, thought I’d take advantage of this time to pop down to the supermarket and fill up a trolley or three.

Just so’s we had some food in the house.

Nearly finished when the mobile went off. Grumpy Pants suggested meeting up for a coffee. What a lovely idea.

(In hindsight, I suspect his usual latte buddies – ie the other Mums at swimming – had fobbed him off this week and he was bored).

Suggested meeting at the cafe outside the supermarket in the shopping complex. His timing was perfect, as I had just got through the checkout and was busting for a pee.

Really busting.

Nope, Godzilla did not need to come with me. So I toddled off (well, you try running with your knees together) up to the loos.

Just sat down

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