December 9th

Argh! Too hot. So a bit of a nothing day.

Rest of Christmas decorations went up. Consisting mostly of flashing lights for out the front.

Monkey Boy decided he wanted to do a “decoration” for the front door. A nice Christmas one. What a lovely idea.

He got some bits of paper and his grey lead pencil. Not for him this “coloured” stuff. Oh, no.

Finished his “decoration”, came and stole my blue-tak and stuck his creativity to the front door.

I went to check it out. Poor Santa. I don’t know how he does it with my kids.

“Santa, stop here. I say stop here” said one of the decorations.

Followed closely by “We’ve been very gooood. I say gooooooooooood!”

I just hope it works for him.

I am, however, very very tempted to get my red pen and say “No they haven’t” underneath.

But I’m not that nasty just yet. Wait till we get a bit closer to Christmas, then I’m sure I’ll be able to manage it.

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