Decisions, decisions

Home from school with much pissing me off and crying and annoyance on the walk home.

Monkey Boy immediately disappears into his room where he has stashed a majority of the trains he previously got out for Chippie, and which I have strictly forbidden. We already have two rooms taken over by wooden train tracks, not unlike the devils snare on Harry Potter. I swear I’ve been dragged under the coffee table when the Fat Controller’s railway slithered out and grabbed my be the ankle.

Under the coffee table is not pretty.

Anyhoo, there he was with much obnoxiousness and not allowing younger brother, or youngest brother in and there was much yelling and tears and and I eventually yelled and cried with them and ran away and his in the back of the freezer compartment to also avoid cooking dinner.

I emerge to complete silence.

And am faced with an awful dilemma; do I go an check why it’s so quiet? Or enjoy the peace with a glass of wine, knowing the potential for chaos and wrongdoing is inevitable?

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