Defintely a contender for Head of the UN


Monkey Boy is such a … subtle little person.



He has set his sights on being Prime Minister, but I really think he is best cut out for a more subtle, tactful, diplomatic position.

Head of the UN or similar.

Watching TV last night – he was, the Grumpy one and I were busy making dinner and other parenting stuff, when he pipes up with “Those kid’s parents need to go on The Biggest Loser. They’re really fat!”

(Did I mention subtle, tactful and diplomatic?)

Remembering back to the last series of said show, I asked him about his parents.

“Well, dad maybe. Your tummy has just been stretched. And your boobs just make you look fat.”

Awwww. Such a sweet boy. Actually, come to think of it, perhaps his own image consultancy. With a TV show to go with it.

Although, he can be quite diplomatic re food as well.

I don’t know … so many places he could go with these skills …

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