Depression: I just don't get it.

Over the last few years I’ve had a bit of a rough time with The Black.

It fucked with my ability to concentrate, to be productive, to even string a sentence together or make a cup of tea.

I literally, some days, could not function to a normal ability; not because I was ‘so sad’ that I ‘didn’t want to get out of bed’ but because my brain

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  1. If you had asked me two days ago, my answer would have been ,”no.” These last couple I
    of days have been particularly bad. I almost thought I wouldn’t make it. Now I realise it might actually be depression, and that’s ok. It’s not others that are setting out to make my life a misery, just they don’t get it either.

  2. Thanks, Kellie – feel free to share the love 😉

    Hayley, yeah, it might be. Go see someone professional who can help you out.

    Another aspect of depression is a degree of paranoia – which doesn’t help at all in any way. Please let me know how you go xox

  3. Thank you for asking MC, at this very moment I am ok thanks. R U OK?

    If someone answers me with no, I acknowledge that by saying i’m sorry to hear this, would you like to talk about it? If they start to talk I try to actively listen and do my best to do that without judgement because everyone has entitlement to their feelings, no one has a right to tell someone they cannot feel that way or diminish how they are feeling would they know that persons life experiences that has lead them to feel this way and so on…..if I don’t understand I am honest and tell them that I cant pretend to know how they feel but I am hearing them and then I ask if they have thought about seeing someone professionally, that there is no shame in that and then explain how I have seen someone and I have also have depression and awareness is the key to understanding…cause you are right no one does get it and probably never will either but awareness is the way forward for sure…..

    If the person refuses to talk about it, then I try gently talk to them about their life, the good points, kids, pets, holidays, memories etc and a lot of the time the person will open up slowly…if they seriously don’t want to talk about what is wrong (which is fine also cause I do get that) then I give them my email and/or number and tell them if they ever want to talk then give me a bell even if it is just to have a cuppa together or what ever………I walk away knowing I have tried…might sound like the “all about me syndrome” but that is definitely not how it is meant to come across….I want to learn more and If I can then I would love to be able to help others….as I said I have personal history of depression so I have an idea and yes it is different for everyone but just asking someone if they are ok can sometimes have a huge impact on someone’s day!
    Sorry for the long winded response lol

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