11 Replies to “Depression is Crazy, Stupid, Dumb”

  1. What a great description. It brings the true force of depression to “life”. But maybe only to those who have experienced it. There is nothing to say, nothing other then perhaps meds, or the safe cocoon of a psych. hospital to save you. And so few people understand.

    And I think you just made me realise what I’ve been avoiding to face up to. It has struck. Again.

  2. I totally agree – it’s completely illogical. I remember sitting in the doctor’s surgery telling him “I have a caring husband, a great child, we live comfortably with a supportive family and network of friends ….. So what have I got to be depressed about?!”. Trying to understand that concept is impossible.

  3. *breathing*

    Friday I broke. I was broken, and I couldn’t put the pieces together. I got most of them stuck together, not sure for how long, but yep. I felt like I just had the crap beat out of me, and they broke me.

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