Depression: Recovery or Remission

It’s funny.

After offloading writing my post a few weeks back about what it is like (for some? Many?) to experience Depression (Depression is Crazy, Stupid, Dumb) my mind was opened a little as to what actually living with depression is like beyond, you know, feeling like you’re a useless piece of shit cosntantly and wishing you were dead. Getting out of that minute space and seeing it more broadly.

This week, two close friends of mine, and fellow depression experiencers wrote about “recovery” – Lex, with her post entitled What is Recovery and Chrystal with Recovery. It got me thinking about what “recovery” from depression actually is.

Or is it, and again, I don’t like to make this analogy and I don’t do it lightly or without thought for how it may affect or be interpreted by others, but it is the only analogy I can think of that will make some sort of logical sense, because depression is just not logical … is it like Cancer and you are more in a remission than recovered?

The last few months – I’d even go so far as to say all 18 or more of them – I’ve been feeling various levels of both. Well, 12-ish months ago I was full on, wish I was dead, I suck, the world hates me and who could blame them, they’re better of without me depressed. It sucked. I sought help, had my networks who got it, who were there for me and whom I could talk to

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  1. I think you’re right, recovery is probably not the correct word. But I’d like to say when I wrote ‘Recovery’, that it was recovering from my latest bomb dive into the black fog. Remission, that is the overall goal of where I’d like to be each day, hoping I don’t hit the bottom of that pit again, because really, can you ever truly recover from depression?

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