Depression Texting

I happened to be up late enough, and browsing Facebook late enough (I usually switch off quite early in the evening) to catch a friend who’d got herself somewhat shitfaced on alcohol and updating her status.

Never a good thing.

Well, actually, that’s debatable.

Even the next morning, and catching up on her updates then, it was all quite hilarious. Of course, although appreciating how funny it was from my perspective, she didn’t feel it to be quite so humorous from her perspective.

I get that too.

Drunk Texting, Facebooking and Tweeting more often than not ends up in feelings of remorse, embarrassment and/or mortification.

You wake up the next morning, vehemently hoping that whatever you did the night before on your smartphone was merely a horrible nightmare. Assuming you recall that you even did any such thing the night before.

Drunk Texting is something many of us have heard of, and often laugh about. Unless, of course you are the drunkee or the recipient of communication from a particularly angry or nasty drunk texter.

Less commonly known is the art of Depression Texting. Or, perhaps ‘art’ is not really appropriate, as you tend to be less in control of your mental faculties (much like Drunk Texting).

Unlike Drunk Texting, it is often much less funny during and most definitely after.

Like Drunk Texting, Depression Texting is something you do when some force takes you over, encouraging you to pick up your phone, or log onto whatever social media account it is, and write.

It is something you have little control over. It is some sort of internal, yet simultaneously external drive that compels you to communicate with the outside world.

Quite unlike forwarding a drunken, slurred “I luvs yous” to a friend or seven, or rambling about something that is bothering you in some nonsensical manner, it can be maudlin, self deprecating and very easily perceived as a cry for attention, more than a cry for help.

Depression has this terrific way of not only convincing you that you are useless, unimportant and unloved, but an equal ability to coerce you into bringing it up; either to/with someone you think you can trust, or to the entire world.

It will tell you to go ahead and say what’s on your (its) mind, convince you that the person on the

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  1. Oh my.
    what an accurate and insightful post.
    If I may say, fuck you depression… Fuck you sincerely.

    lots of love, this time I am truly relating!

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