Different, but still exciting

Up early, yet again!, showered, breakfast delivered (only cereal or bacon and eggs available to me. Probably a good thing, as think by now brain may have exploded if having to make large decision such as what to have for breakfast) and eaten, and met my lift to the little town of Birchip, approximately two hour’s drive from Bendigo and four from Melbourne.

And vastly different from Shanghai!

A very small town, indeed, with a rather large Mallee bull, and several (thousand) locusts in the main street.

I met the Parenting Day organiser, who is extremely lovely and made me a coffee, then gave my keynote speech to open the event. I was just a wee bit nervous, as it is the first time giving this particular talk. Was most chuffed when people laughed- with me and not at me – and when people cried – but not because it was really bad. I think the timing of the Coca-Cola trip and the whole Live Positively thing, whilst coming at a particularly hectic and crazy time in my life, also came at the perfect time for my talk. Funny how these things work out.

I was also surrounded by lots of babies and toddlers, so think presented reasonable behaviour of crazy lady, snatching babies from their mother’s arms and giving them a bit of a cuddle. The babies, not their mothers. Think am starting to miss my own children.

After my fabulous talk, I chattted and mingled with a few mums, and listened to hilarious tales about toddlers eating locusts and other fabulous things that you just don’t get in a city like Melbourne. My poor, deprived kids only have to endure Nutrigrain located amongst the floor sweepings.

I then got to meet the fabulous Kaz Cooke, who was also speaking at Parenting Day, got a quick photo with her before we head off back to Bendigo, and I hopped in my car to head home, to my own bed, my own kids and my own husband.

Amazing how quickly everything can return to normal.

Greeted at door by screamng baby, miffed 7 year old, grumpy 9 year old and frazzled husband. It is guitar night, Monkey Boy must have extended cuddles before he leaves and is demanding presents, Godzilla would rather play Wii than have cuddles and Chippie still doesn’t know what he wants.

Managed to eat what remained of my dinner whilst Grumpy and Monkey Boy out, then it was family time.

“Mu-ummmm! Where’s our presents, what did you buy us?”

(But I did get my Mother’s Day present – hurrah! A new set of knives and a knife block … they do know me so well :))

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  1. Oh yeah, I’ve found locust remains in my daughter’s mouth, and I’m sure there were many more she didn’t leave evidence of. Very high in protein, and my poor departed cat loved them too.

    Very cool u got to meet Kaz Cooke. I think I’d like to meet her.

  2. Yeah, my poor deprived city slicker kids get floor food and not much else. Might take them out country for variety in diet LOL

    Unfortunatley didn’t get to chat much to Kaz, but it was still great to meet her – will be making most of that meeting 😀

    And I did tell her about Diary – so maybe she’ll read?????? LOL

  3. Thankyou so very much for taking the time to join us in Birchip and for giving your fabulous talk. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, and I’m sure my locust-eating son enjoyed the cuddle very much! I hope you make it back to the fabulous Mallee some day – that’s some bull in the main street, isn’t it??

  4. Catheriine, it was an absolute pleasure and I hope I’m asked again, soon!!!

    Loved the cuddles and the stories and all of it.

    Thanks for welcoming me and all of you being so lovley 🙂

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