Difficult Questions? A penis curling she devil?

I, personally, don’t believe there are any “difficult questions” from the kids.

Sure, there are questions that you find difficult to answer for a plethora of reasons, but the questions, really, aren’t that difficult at all.

Of course, my children like to ask me questions when my mind is otherwise occupied on something totally unrelated, or quite possibly the opposite of what they are requesting an answer to.

Tonight, I was ploughing through a massive writing project, trying to be all creative and inspiring, when Monkey Boy staggers in, giggling hysterically and sayign “go ugly up someone else’s house you penis curling she devils!”

He could barely breathe he was laughing so much. Also, because he was trying to say this to me as many times as possible before I turned and asked him to shut up, so taking a breath would have reduced the number of times he could say it.

He giggled and giggled and with a final, sudden snort, he stopped and asked “What is a ‘penis curling she devil’?”

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