Every now and again an opportunity arises that allows me a night out, away from my Usual and to spend time with those I love.

The Others I Love; I love lots of people. They fall into a variety of groups.

These were Those I Love from Real Mums; those good friends and like-minded companions, confidantes and crazies I’ve supported, been supported by, listened to, ranted to and just had good old fashioned giggles with. A special event as a Real Mum was heading across from interstate and we could finally meet her in person and just give her a big, squishy hug!

We were meeting her, according to internet chat and forum lingo, IRL!


I, for one, was very excited as I love meeting my members in person, but I also did little in terms of organisation of the night. Unlike Mums’ Night Out! which also has us together, it just required much work from my perspective.

A couple of emails, a meeting place determined and it was sorted like that.

I showered, I dressed, I was asked “Where are you going?” I sighed, I explained again, I was asked “What are you cooking for our dinner before you go?”

I hope he’s joking.

Otherwise, I’d have to determine that he is, indeed, a very slow learner and/or incapable of learning entirely.

I give him the It’s Not My Problem, I’m Going Out For Dinner And Won’t Be Going Hungry look.

He gave me the finger and stuck his tongue out at me.

Then he drove me to the train station so I didn’t have to run late or worry about parking, or drinking, or stuff.

As I waited for the train, it decided to bucket down rain. I didn’t care, even though I’d neglected to bring an umbrella.

We all ended up looking a little rained upon after our wandering around to find a suitable restaurant in which to dine, as we feasted on copious amounts of duck and as we laughed and laughed and indulged in one of the best medicines mental health has at its disposal; great friends, great fun and even more laughter.

It was getting late, around 9.30p.m. when we left. I ran into one of Monkey Boy’s teachers in the streets of Melbourne. He asked about our night out and where we were off to.

“Home,” I reply. “It’s getting very late and past our bedtime!”

He laughed in disbelief.

I need more of a life, I decided.

Thanks for a great night, chicks – and thanks for just being awesome in general!

Real Mums - on a night out

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