Disney Food

Today … today I went along to an exclusive bloggery event thingy, for the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians.

There were cute little Dalmatian puppies there and I, being the only blogger in attendance without children, hereby set myself up beside the food table. Someone has to, really. Also, I was a bit frazzled this morning, because I’d missed breakfast due to some mild stress.

That I had to get two lunches made, three children out the door and drop a grumpy bastard off at a hospital at the edge of the City so he may undergo a minor procedure that required a general anaesthetic, oh, and be fully prepared for a meeting, post event, all on very little sleep was a major factor in the non-breakfasting behaviour.

Usually, I’m a pre- and post-school-dropoff breakfast kind of chick.

Anyhoo, I nibbled on some deliciousness, chat with a few bloggers and found myself beside one I didn’t know. So I introduced myself and had a bit of a passionate ramble at her about food and eating habits in Australia, the overwhelming information about baked and excessively created items for school lunchboxes, the increasing manufacturing and producing of “food” in packages for school lunchboxes, and the climbing number of mothers who are feeling “bad”, guilty and otherwise incompetent because they feel the options are one or the other.

“School lunchboxes are so hard!” is the cry.

But they’re not.

But I digress.

After rambling for ages, I ask “What’s your blog?” and am told she is, in fact, from Disney, and I feel like a big knob. Nice one.

But we chat more about food, and, not a follower of this sort of information from that far back, because

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  1. you could have talked to me about kids & healthy food!
    I am definitely not into pre-packaged food, take away or junk in kids lunch boxes.
    treats are for special occasions & definitely not an everyday thing.
    glad Disney is on board!

    good to see you on Friday!

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