Do You Play?

Oh, what a crazy little week this one has been.

I had the awesome honour of being asked to present a keynote speech at the Australian Nanny Association’s conference this morning.

Admittedly, it was a little overwhelming to be in a room full of people who actually knew what they were doing with children, and had been trained in all kinds of things to do with, and about kids. I was going to ask them some questions about, you know, what’s the appropriate reponse when your three-year-old kid tells you he’s going to be “a bloody little shit today” and why is falling on the ground, convulsing with laughter, not appreciated by the child who has just walked into a pole.

Anyhoo, the theme of the day was Play, so I managed to conjur up a talk that mixed postnatal depression and play. Apparently, my speeches are like my cooking; I make shit up as I go along and it turns out okay.

ANA Speech

I actually have no idea really, but someone did suggest it was “inspiring and honest”. Possibly because I don’t hold back about the very real and raw stuff that happens when you have postnatal depression.

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