Does it really start so young?

I’ve always heard about “boys and their bits’ and how they’re always thinking about their doodles, or playing with them (or both).

It was joked about at school, and talked about with the girls.

It wasn’t till I married, then had boys myself that I really got how much doodles are a part of their being – not just their physical being!

I’ve had to control their urges to fiddle with bits while up the street (for the record, no one warned me that I’d be required to do this!) and had to endure excited “Look at mine doodle”s during business phone calls and while the Mother-in-law was over for coffee.

But, whilst in the bath with Godzilla before heading out for a family dinner, and he’s successfully given himself a “stiffy tape” (Look, Mummy, look at mine stiffy tape!) I then had to try to console the poor little boy.

He only managed to get it so big. As big as it would go. He got rather upset when he couldn’t make it any bigger so that it would “stick out of da baf”

Not having a penis, and certainly not having Penis Envy (which, to any males reading, is a Myth, by the way), its not really something that bothers me.

And trying to convince a four year old that he can’t do something he really wants to do is even harder!

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