Does the Guilt EVER stop coming

A wedding to go to this weekend, a decent drive away, so the weeks leading up to this one have been about “oh, must get onto accommodation for the weekend” and arranging sleepovers.

Sleepovers which the kids had pretty much arranged for themselves anyway.

Got some accommodation organised late last week, organised Sleepover 1 at one person’s house, and Sleepover 2 at another. Between them, they organised the exchange of my children.

And during the week, the accommodation got mucked around and in a sleep deprived, frusrated and annoyed tantrum, I cancelled both night’s accommodation and rebooked just tomorrow night, nearby the wedding reception.

Sleepovers untouched.

Which is when The Guilt hit me! Argh!

Is it ok that they have a sleepover at someone’s house when its not strictly “necessary”?

The flipside, they’ve been hanging out for this and I can’t say no now.

Then another aspect, I will go bonkers if I say no and have to listen to their whinging and crying.

But is it fair on the Mum, to have two extra kids?

And am I unnecessarily using up my Universal Quota of Sleepovers and Babysitting if I do this one when its not “needed”?

My brain hurts.

It’s all too much to think about. This Mothering Thing has a lot to answer for. There are just too many aspects to consider. What’s wrong with just subjecting us to a good “Please tell us the Theory of Relativity, and show all workings” type challenge? Hmmm?

Anyhoo, brain unable to function effectively what with all the “what ifs” going on and couldn’t deal with it, so did mad packing dash, raced to school and tossed kids out on front doorstep of Sleepover 1’s house so Grumpy and I could make our movie on time.

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