Why I Don’t Like Your Facebook Posts Any More

I don’t like your Facebook status updates any more. Nor, for the most part, your comments on your own or updates by others.

And it feels really good.

I have no doubt that my not liking some people’s posts has been noticed and gossiped about (in fact, I know for a fact it has) and that it has pissed a few people off.

I am fully aware, too, that ‘liking’ Facebook posts is ‘just the done thing’; a social norm, the behaviour that is accepted by a vast majority of society. Or, at least, those who frequent the various mediums for non-face-to-face-social interaction, and/or whom could possibly be considered ‘addicts’ or … whatever.

Alas, the repercussions of not liking posts or updates is that a revenge of sorts is sought, akin to ‘if she doesn’t like my posts, I’m not going to like hers’.


And, ooooh, the devastation. The crying and the upset and the hurt and … oh, no, wait. I haven’t noticed, sorry. Ooops.

Let me explain a little further. Months ago, quite a few now, maybe five or six, or even seven. I dunno, sometime mid-last year, a friend (and actual one, not just one on Facebook) shared an article about a person who quit liking things on Facebook.

The aticle, entitled

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