Don't make me do it!!!

Don’t make me go!!! I don’t want to!

Yup, Big School Orientation again today.

We went swimming this morning, went for a latte and milkshake (I had the latte, Godzilla the milkshake) and a muffin, then home for lunch and some quiet time. And a Chippie feed.

And then talk of getting ready for school.


I am really very tired. My head is full of business things, and working out how to do stuff. And Godzilla is putting it on. He’s already told me he will cry if he is not in the same room as his ‘bruvver’, because “I love mine bruvver and I will miss him.”

Hmm, news to me.

But please don’t make me go. I really can’t deal with it today. And I don’t wanna!!!!!

Best to start on the “get your shoes on” serial …

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