Our last day in Shanghai with Coke Dude, no kids, no responsibilty – other than spreading happiness, living positively and polishing off as much food as we could from the breakfast buffet.

Awoke to beautiful Mother’s Day message from Coke Dude: “Morning and Happy Mother’s Day. I’ve managed t get you all a special breakfast buffet in the Aroma Cafe – cooked it all myself …”

Technically, it was the Cafe and buffet we had eaten at the last two monrings. And I suspect he was telling big fat lies about cooking it all himself. Still, it was the thought that counts, and it reminded me to call my own family (family, what family? I have a family? Oh, yeah. Was having so much fun I forgot about them – whoops!) so they could wish me Happy Mother’s Day, personally.

I shower first, then ring to hear Chippie crying in the background, Monkey Boy informs me that Daddy has been grumpy at Chippie, Godzilla is playiing the Wii when Daddy told him not to and continued to provide me a long list of misdemeanours over the last 24 hours since I last spoke with them.

Like I cared. Or could do anything about it. In that order.

Had brief chat to Grumpy, was informed that Godzilla preferred not to chat to me as he was playing very important game of Mario Kart and wasn’t to be disturbed, much yelling and tears as Grumpy had words and phone went dead.

The battery died, I swear! It was a cordless phone, the battery went dead!

Couldn’t get through on other phone in my room, although was tempted to use the phone beside the toilet, just because I could. Allowed battery to recharge and stress levels to reduce before putting on pants in window overlooking fabulous view and ring agian.

Godzilla now totally ensconced in game, however granted me pleasure of conversation that involved “daddy made me talk to you”, mummbling something else whilst totally distracted, and saying “oh, yeah, Happy Mother’s Day” before handing phone to Chippie who pressed numerous buttons on phone and repeated “Uh oh, dear” several times before disconnecting me.

Breakfast was as delicious as previous days, even if not personally prepared by Coke Dude (not sure if this is good thing or not) before we went upstairs to retreive our bags and meet the car that was to take us on a shopping tour of Shanghai. Refraiined from requesting conceirge to collect bag, as they may very well have had to stand there, pulling on my legs to drag me out of room.

Then we’re off to, firstly a Buddhist temple, where me made some wishes, then various shopping areas, malls, markets and some gorgeous little cobblestone streets where we were only last night. Located the Chinese dumpling soup place again, and enjoyed a spread of deliciousness … a small rest … and much shopping!

Fully satisfied in more ways than one, it was off to the aiport for checkin … except we were busting for a wee, so it was a short stop off, interesting expereince and significant leg work out as we were treated to use of a squat toilet. Still, can’t say we fully experienced the trip without giving one of those a go.

Checked in, more shopping done, duty free, for last minute gifts and things and up into the business lounge where we showered and prepared ourselves for the long flight home … and ensured we were suitably attired for air travel …

Then it was onto the plane, were we farewelled the fabulous city that is Shanghai, and the time we had all just had together, settled into the routine of ensuring everyone in business class a) knew we were there, and b) were all happy, embarked upon mission set by Coke Dude to be photographed with all flight personell on the plane (we got all but the pilot and co-pilot! Impressive) and settled down for a good night’s sleep.

Up early again tomorrow … to make sure we actually get off the plane!

(I’m really gonna miss my new friends, Mummy-Time, Get in the Hot Spot and Sunny Mummy *sob* Oh, and Coke Dude of course)

Hugest thanks to the Coca-Cola Company for this amazing opportunity! Love your work!

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