Doubting your parenting resources

It has come to my attention, and that of Grumpy Pants, that we appear to be referencing The Simpsons quite often, when answering a question asked by one of our children.

It helps when using an anecdote to explain a situation, or something familiar to them so they understand the concept a little more easily.

That’s good parenting, right? Utilising something they understand to explain something? So they actually get it? Yes?

I was a little concerned, however, when Monkey Boy, just this week, asked “How would you explain stuff to us if The Simpsons didn’t exist?”

Hmm. Good point. But I’m fairly sure I’d manage.

I mean, I’m not that bad a parent.

Although, I did have a mild panic and sent a silent thanks to the education department that American History wasn’t big in our schools, when the head of former president of the USA, Bill Clinton, flashed on the telly and Monkey Boy stopped what he was doing, looked at me in surprise and declared “That’s the Simpson’s mail man! What’s he doing there?”

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