Down time

Finally got a day to ourselves.

Nothing planned.

No one coming to visit.

Organised for a quiet day at home. I went for my walk (lazy buggers wouldn’t come with me – they wanted to watch the Simspons movie again) and we had a lovely relaxing day at home.

Got some washing done. Got some work done. Got called “Boob Lady” every time the kids spoke to me.

(You have to see the Simpsons Movie to understand that one).

Figured we’d have a nice quiet dinner, watch some telly and the kids could have their first relatively early night in a week.

Kids fell asleep at five to 12 and slept for three hours.

Put them in the bath and bed at normal bedtime and sat down to watch my Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix DVD (which, once upon a time, pre Simpsons Movie, would have been watched the night that I got it), complete with crackers, dips and bottle of wine.

The kids (again with this hearing thing!!) heard the beep of the remote control turning hte DVD player on and were right there!

“What are you watching? Are you watching Harry Potter? Can we watch too?”

“No. Go to bed!”

This sequence was repeated every 2.7 minutes, with the DVD paused each time, for approximately the first 47 minutes of the movie, when I then closed the door leading from the hall to the living area.

This resulted in a tantrum from Godzilla, who was not terribly impressed at all, and proceeded to attempt to watch the movie through the window on the door.

The sticking of an artwork by a seven year old over the window was not well received. Nor did the shut door prevent a seven year old coming out (stepping over his younger brother screaming, crying and writhing on the floor) and complaining about the noise the movie was making.

Nor did it stop either of them eating the crackers.

Eventually presented them with a suitable threat and they retreated to their bedrooms, not to be seen again for the remainder of the film. Which, in the end, ran for almost 3 and a half hours due to the repeated pausing of the movie.

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  1. Hahaha. Well why should you get to watch a movie in peace when no other parent in the world can? My kids are 11 – 14 and they still interrupt any show that I want to watch! rofl.

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