Dragon On

How to Train Your Dragon has made a comeback in this house.

We have yet to see the sequel, much less obtain it so we may watch it again and again and again.

And again and again and again and again and again …

Still, the original is a favourite and we have also discovered, yes, belatedly, that here is a TV show of the same name. Complete, funnily enough, with the same characters, dragons and suchlike.

Thus, after two viewings over two days, the emergence of Chippie The Dragon was inevitable.

He did, indeed, spend a night, sleeping in his “water cave”, which he build himself; constructed with the aid of the couch, ottoman, blankets and a variety of cushions.

Worry that he would be unable to breath was assuaged before I went to bed. Mostly by the intensity and passion in which he expressed his desire to sleep in said cave.

He spent most of the next day, being a dragon, switching between various types and enacting all their strengths and the like.

Amusing and entertaining, for the most part, and exceptional at keeping him entertained and his imagination flowing, there are times it can get a little tedious.

Like when I want him to do … I don’t know … anything that involves not being a frigging dragon!

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