Duck. Breast.

Another night off and mental health moment with a small, yet still fabulous, collection of amazing women I have met through Real Mums.


Not, as in, lookout, but as “we went out for Peking duck” to a place we literally stumbled upon some months ago and have been back to twice now. Not because it is overly fabulous food (although it’s nice) nor the obsequious service (because it’s not) but because there is a Lot. Of. Duck.

Also, the company is abso-frigging-lutely the BEST and that makes everything awesome.

I don’t know the name of the place but it’s on the corner of Little Bourke Street and Russell Street in Melbourne, just above the 7-Eleven.

2014-02-16 18.21.10

Grumpy Pants dropped a friend and I off, and did the “What? 7-Eleven?” questiony thing.

“Yes. We’re having dinner at 7-Eleven,” I say with as much facetiousness as I could muster under the circumstances. Which, really, is a lot because I’m so gifted at it.

And like every time I get together with one or lots of these women, we laughed a lot, we chatted a lot and we just felt safe, warm, comforted and that our pelvic floors were in good need of a talking to.


Also, there was a lot of duck, and the combination of A Lot of Duck and Fabulous Chicks is always awesome.

And the Bra … what’s with that?

Well, it’s a little thing I’ve been working on to raise awareness and much needed funds for not-for profit organisation Support for Mums and their Families Inc.

It’s called The Travelling Bra and tonight was it’s first, official appearance … for more info and to get involved, check out the Bra’s Facebook page at

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