Dum de dum .. what to do?

God I’m BORED!

OK, I’ve done some work this morning, then gave “thinking about the baby” a bit of a go.

That lasted all of 3.2 seconds till I was almost comatose with tediousness of all that.

As people are now refusing to work with me because I “should” (ack! Worst word in the English language) be “thinking about the baby” I resorted to doing other things.

Like, typing up what the kids have in their lunch boxes each day (Monkey Boy) and kinder days (Godzilla). Hmmm, there went 3 minutes. The point of that was to make life easier for everyone next week when I’m “having a sabatical” (NOT), so I almost tore it up, thinking life would be so much more fun for Grumpy Pants and the rellos who have come to “help” if they had nooooo idea how to manage it all.

Located Mr Blobby the Blue Tac man, ripped his head off (coz am in tired, grumpy, hormonal (allegedly) mood and not peeved that a very sick person has decided to come and visit because they want to) and stuck list to the wall.

Started making lists of who to call, email, text, call to email others, call to text others, email to email others, and email to post on various parenting and business forums and decided that I really was over what everyone else wanted.

So, there went another two and a half minutes of my time. Broke for lunch. Attempted sleep, visitors turned up (why is it that, when I’m bored out of my head no-one rings or visits, but the minute I attempt quiet time they all come out of the woodwork? Hmmm?).

Bored again.

So I made another list … this time, its gifts that I would like.

Not normally one for saying “I want” and especially not “I WANT!”, it was a tough one for me. But figured I’ve had months of people fondling me, so surely I’m quite within my rights to ask for something that I’d like.

Thus I have created a Baby Gift Wish List – which also consists of a considerable amount of things for me! Because I deserve it.

Now, what are the chances of anyone actually taking notice and purchasing someting from it ….

(Wanna see it … you can have a look Here :))

(There’s also some really great businesses we like to support on the Real Mums Recommends Directory)

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