DVD Review: The Little Engine that Could

Ah, the joys. As if this family were not overwhelmed by train-featured books, DVDs, toys and every other train-like thingo you can think of (dried floral arrangement in the shape of Thomas the Tank Engine anyone?) a new movie is being released today.

Well, technically and old movie that has been brought up with the times and is being re-released, thanks to Universal PicturesThe Little Engine That Could.

I will openly admit I had a small cringe at the thought of yet another train based DVD/Video/CD/Game enter our house, followed immediately by a small happy dance caused by joy at being subject to something other than the aforementioned Thomas theme song and/or the intermittent tootings and peepings and poopings of a variety of diesel and steam engines accompanied by a monotone commentary, thanks to the alternative that subdues my children; train documentaries.

We do own an really ancient version of this movie, on video (a hand me down from someone) and now the brand new DVD. I plonked Chippie down in front of it, which kept him entertained for hours, and got listen to it, playing in the background as I got some work done over the next few days.

Chippie loved it, becuase it had trains in it.

Godzilla loved it, becuase it was a new movie.

Monkey Boy loved it, because it had trains in it and he his a big fat expert on everything trains and kids movies and was able to do various comparisons between this and the old, and mention lots of things that were “cool” about it pretty much summing up that he liked it.

I liked it because the kids obviously enjoyed it immensely, it broke the “listening to train type TV stuff” monotony and did I mention I got left alone for a while? That too.

The animation has been brought up to today’s standards (there is not much more annoying thatn watching one of your old faves with a ten year old boy going “the animation on this is crap”) – and acceptable to my children – and whilst it is appealing to younger kids (and slightly older it seems) it’s not so cutesy that it makes we want to vomit.

I don’t do “cutesy” well, therefore, I was actually able to sit and watch the movie without being a snarky bitch and wandering off.

It’s not just the graphics that have been updated, either, but the issue of bullying is addressed in what I think is a sensible way and, of course, the underlying issue that is the main crux of the storyline; the little engine that is constantly told he is “too little” and that he “can’t do it” overcoming all

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