Easy After School Snacks

Those of you who are seasoned school Mums will know that kids are hungry when they get home from school.

For you first time School Mums – if you haven’t discovered this already, you soon will (snigger snigger evil laugh)

Its not like you do nothing with your day when they’re at school, and to have to make snacks for them as well, well it can all get on top of you.

So, what do Real Mums do for after school snacks? Easy…

Pre-schoolers and Younger Primary School Kids

You really want something easy to prepare and that’s easy for the kids to eat, without making a lot of mess.

The words “finger food” come to mind.

Many breakfast cereals come in perfect “finger food” size. For example, Nutri Grain, Weet Bix Fruity … Weet Bix themselves are great for those extra-hungry days.

No need for bowls and milk and other paraphernalia! Just pop the cereal/s on a nice plate and whack it in front of the kid/s.

When their friends come around after school, or you just feel like doing something special, pull the lid of a kid sized tub of yogurt.

Finger food with Dipping Stuff – perfect!

Older Primary School Kids

See above.

Bigger serves.

Or go with the Real Mums Theory – if they can get the lid off the Tupperware, they can eat it!

High School Kids (aka Teenagers)

Oh, for goodness sakes! What they’re not yet capable of feeding themselves????

Or capable of sucking in vast amounts of foods, still packaged, as they walk past it?

Give me a break!


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