Emergency dash

Monkey Boy climbed into bed with us at earlier than acceptable hour, because he was excited about his birthday and wanted to know where “all” his presents are.

He does like a good birthday present opening, to the point where he asked to wrap his new guitar book and the three picks we bought him last night (with Grandpa money) individually – so he had more presents to open.

Um … how about, NO!?

Some good, solid hours of uninterrupted work time. Or not. Depends on whether I decide to race up to the school at lunchtime with the guitar he forgot to take to practice his thing for the school assembly, and 48 iced cupcakes for the end of the day, or leave the guitar and ice the cupcakes after lunch and take them up later.

Decision made when I looked up and discovered it was 1.13pm and I had ten minutes to make icing, ice cupcakes and get to school. I think they can wait.

Unfortunately, they waited a little to long and we are doing a run-by Grab Sleeping Toddler Out Of Cot and Stuffing Him in Car Seat thing, and running into the classroom, balancing a large cakeboard

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