Encouraging Children to Be Anything They Want

The kids have swimming lesson’s one night a week, at crazy hour. Although we managed to get them lessons at pretty much the same time, the time still falls into that time frame that leaves you undecided as to whether you have dinner before or after, and if they should just get straight into their jarmies and into bed, or go through the whole Proper Shower At Home scenario.

Depending on who has what on, Grumpy and I have the luxury of sharing this particular joy.

Mostly, I just want to get home afterwards, so I came up with the brilliant idea (after observing some other families) of purchasing a couple of dressing gowns for each of them, which they can put on over their naked bodies, post swimming lesson, and we can get the hell out of their and get home sooner.

This also prevents the inevitable Dropping Of Dry Clothes Into Puddle Of Water On Way To Change Room and the subsequent Screaming Tantrum (whether the kids or me … there will be one!)

We located some, on sale, at local massive shopping centre, and the two big kids wore there’s home. They also managed to tie the ties into such knots that I was unable to untie without yelling at them and pointing out the levels of stupidity.

Monkey Boy took such a liking to his that he slept in it.

He has also taken to wearing it every opportunity he can, despite the highly unusual and prolonged sequence of above 30 degree days Melbourne is currently providing.

Every. Opportunity.

“That’s a lovely smoking jacket,” one lady said to him.

“Uh, it’s a dressing gown,” he informed her.

I explained he was aspiring to be Hugh Heffner, because I couldn’t think of any other explanation. Also, it might make her shut up with her judgemental eyes.

I had tried to talk him out of wearing it.

I went the sensible angle, a la “it’s too hot outside, you’ll dehydrate” … which was just obvious and clearly worth disregarding.

I ventured into the “you’ll look like

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