Enough!! Part 2

After my little revelation the other day, where I finally decided I had had so much of enough that I needed to speak up about it, I mentioned there’d be a part 2, because that one was so long.

There is … but not here. I posted it over on Real Mums, because Real Mums is my other passion, and is the bit that, along with Diary, is going to make a difference, and get people to stop and think about the shite they’re coming out with, and … well, I’d love to be able to stop, completely, the crap, but people have strong opinions and agendas and I’m not that deluded. Still, I hope it makes a difference and the stuff I’m doing over there will have a different impact and audience to the stuff here.

You can read it at http://www.realmums.com.au/2012/06/enough-part-2/

If you wish to add your own stuff to the list published there, please feel free to 🙂

And thank you for all your support. I’m extremely overwhelmed right now, with lots of big – but good – stuff happening for me right now. On the upside, I was allowed the opportunity to unpack the box that was my desk tops and utilise all the stuff in it that I haven’t been able to access for weeks. So, yay!


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