Enough, already

I finally reached that point of “Over It” today.

Completely and utterly Over It.

Why I don’t reach this point more often, I don’t know, becuase it seems to get things done.

Like when we needed to go up the street to get bread and milk. Milk for coffee, because Mummy had only had one today, and was in need of more.

Kids had been in jarmies all day (because Mummy was Over It and Didn’t Care Any More), so the first stage required the Changing Into Clothes for Going Up the Street.

Monkey Boy, switched on enough to know that Mummy was this close to pissed offedness, got dressed immediately, with no arguement. Unfortunately, he thought he’d also be helpful and tell Godzilla to get dressed, too.

As it takes Godzilla 4.5 months to get dressed on a good day, his brother telling him only lengthens the process.

But Mummy was Over It. So, when she was dressed and organised, we were walking out the door. Godzilla – completely naked!

Not happy. But, on the upside, I have never seen a four year old get dressed so quickly.

Woo hoo, one to Mummy.

The afternoon went well, dinner was prepared and devoured, baths had and it was time for books and bed.

Except Monkey Boy’s bed was unmade because it was, um, finally washed. Monkey Boy felt he’d been well behaved for long enough and/or thought it was time Mummy needed a challenge. So he began to place bed related paraphernalia (teddies, blankets etc) on the unmade bed whilst I stood around holding his bedding.

“Please take it off so I can make your bed” I asked, as Monkey Boy continued to pile more crap on the bed.

Ding went the Over It sensation, and I dropped the bedding on the floor, grabbed a book and said “right, now you can read to me”.

Deciding I was not getting away with this behaviour, Monkey Boy decided it was the wrong book. Over It took over again and I left the room.

Ah, so nice to have the tables turned as I sat on the couch watching telly, whilst a defeated six year old begged, pleased and apologised to me for 45 minutes.

If only I could remember this for next time.

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