Entrepreneurs start young, but is double-dipping with the Tooth Fairy acceptable?

Godzilla comes racing out. Excitedly.

Not uncommon, he does this alot. He has the remarkable ability to find lots of things exciting.

“I found a toof” he yells.

It looks remarkably like a top front tooth. Very similar looking to the one remaining in his mouth. I suspect it is the tooth that he “lost” a few weeks back and was convinced he had swollowed. Obviously he hadn’t.

My mind reeled. This Tooth Fairy business is fraught with dangers, deceipt and remembering what the hell you did some weeks back.

I cast my back and recalled that he was most upset he had swollowed it and that the Tooth Fairy would be unable to retreive it. We wrote a note, letting the Tooth Fairy know where it was and asking that they get it out using their “special tools”. The Tooth Fairy left a dollar and a note, thanking Godzilla for letting her know where it was and assuring him that they had located it. And thanking him for a lovely tooth.

Soooo… how do I explain the tooth being located?

Aha! “Oh dear,” I stall for time. “I wonder how that got on the floor. I know! The Tooth Fairy must have dropped it after she got it out of your tummy.”

Yeah. Yeah, that sounds …. reasonable.

I suggest he write a note to the Tooth Fairy, letting him know he has the tooth, and placing it and the tooth in an envelope and I would ensure the tooth fairy receives it. He writes the note and places the tooth in a glass of water. As is standard.

“No, put the tooth in the envelope so we can send it back to the Tooth Fairy.”

“No. I has to put it in the glass so they can give me money.”

Hrm. Nice try, matey. “You’ve already been paid for that tooth. You can’t get paid for it again! The tooth fairy already paid you and dropped it and is very sad that they lost it and we have to send it back.” Nothing like imposing just a little bit of guilt.

“No. No. The Tooth Fairy can only find it if its in water and they give me money.”

*sigh* My brain hurts.

The tooth fairy left 50 cents before going to bed, retreiving the tooth and putting it in the Sentimental Things Drawer, along with the note …

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