Escape 2

After a relatively restful overnight sleep, it was up and about for another day of fun and adventure.

I need an adrenaline rush every now and again. I need to do something active, and heart pumping and preferably slightly dangerous. I need fun and excitement of a physical kind.

Grumpy is a bit reluctant to agree to me jumping out of a plane again (in my defence, I don’t like heights … work with me here, it makes sense, really) and I just haven’t made the time. Been there, done that, wanna try other stuff.

Breakfast was had, and we set off for a model train exhibition. I really did make the attempt to not do anything train related, but we are being followed.

Chippie insisted on wearing his tail the entire day.

And on having screaming tanties and freaking out if he lost it.

Trains done – finally – we head back to the playground of last night, ran around like crazy, ate, drove boats, including a crash with another boat (Grumpy, again – he’s good at that) and off to the beach for some beachy type stuff.

Being far too cold for such activities, the older kids rolled up their pants and wandered into a creek-like body of water to explore some “caves” over the other side. Chippie, determined to follow, but freaking out about water, removed his shoes and stepped in.

He immediately screamed “Is cold! I don’t want dis!” and continued to walk through and out the other side. Of course. Crying the whole way.


I’m sure it made perfect sense in his own head.

Attempts to change his wet pants resulted in loss of

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