Everyone's a Winner

A friend alerted me to an ‘incident’ that occurred at her kids’ school last week.

Yup, the school banned the ages old game of “Tiggy” – not, as has happened previously with such goings on as cartwheeling, elastics and other activities that run an extremely small risk of maiming a child, nor behaviours such as ‘hugging’ (sexual abuse) and having best friends, because someone feels left out.

No, not out of fear of being sued by an over protective parent because their child scored a graze on the knee whilst being a child, but because they are having serious issues with kids taking that stock standard “it’s not fair!” thing to a whole new level.

Kids are taking their bat and ball, metaphorically speaking, and walking away from the game because they have been tagged and don’t like it.

Tears and tantrums ensue and teachers are being forced to intervene.

Now, to be fair – and which it seems that none of the mainstream media have bothered to point out – this was a temporary ban. It’s not a “you can never play tiggy again” kind of thing.

I also understand the school having to do it; I’d get mightily over the tears and complaining about something that children, for generations and generations previously have been able to sort out without adult intervention, and just want it to stop. I totally get the “nup, not doing this any more” and putting a stop to it.

In the meantime, they clearly worked out some strategies, mentioned them in assembly and – hopefully – now have the issue all sorted out.

It did remind me, however, of a comment made by my the ten-year-old, after he’s spent the day at his school athletics carnival. When I picked him up, he had a ribbon or two on his chest.

One was for “participation”.

Without my uttering a word he said “Yeah, everyone got one. I think it’s dumb.”

He went on to state various things; like everyone getting one didn’t make it feel like he’d achieved anything at all, it wasn’t special, and it was kind of frustrating to see the kids who made

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