Evil Plans and Escape Plans

I do try my hardest to do all the “right” things; you know, pretend to take an interest in stuff the kids are interested in and spend quality time with them, etc etc blah blah blah

Right now – well, not “right now” obviously, as I’m writing a diary entry-

3 Replies to “Evil Plans and Escape Plans”

  1. Fuck fuck fuck, this had me in tears, of the sad kind – I no longer exist as a person, I am just a conduit for my children and husband to exist through. (Just been sewing fucking scout scarves for my husbands scout group!!!) And no I couldn’t possibly be spared the time or money to go to Melbourne for something as nourishing as Mum’s Night Out.

  2. Oh, Jo, it’s not supposed to make you cry!

    You’re supposed to laugh at me feeding my toddler his own snot!

    I suggest you book your tickets and sneak away whilst their not looking. If your family are anything like mine, its while they’re eatind dinner in front of the Simpsons – or eating, or watching the Simpsons … you can do anything during that time and they have no idea!

    Try it. I’ll cover for you … um, not actually cover for you by replacing you, just in case you had any weird ideas.


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