4 Replies to “Extreme Scrabble”

  1. Oh I’m SO glad I’m not the only one whose boobs hang low enough to be trodden on 🙁

    Ok, not by ME, but I’d have to echo your “FUUUUUUUUUUuurphnnnnnfffffffffffffffffAAAAAGH!” – childbirth? Pah. Anyone who’s suffered nipple-tread is wincing knowingly. Hope it recovers soon!

  2. Hilarious, yes I too am pleased to know other woman’s boobs get in the way. Mine are constantly getting attacked, lol. You caused me to remember when a 18 year old I closed a drawer in a hurry on my boob, gosh that hurt.

  3. Oh dear. Quite recently my daughter poked me square in the eye, nail and all. After my initial scream and holding of eye I then had to retrieve her from under the table where she was hiding and sobbing. So while I was in excruciating pain, not able to open my eye OR SEE, I was telling her it was ok, it was an accident (which is was) and giving her cuddles because she was hysterical. Not fair really is it!!!

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