Fabulous wake up call …

Grumpy had to go to work early again.

(Not as bad as it sounds, he’s been home at 2.30pm and in bed early.)

Third day running, and each day he has managed to do something infuriating to ensure I’m awake, too. Like forget to switch off the alarm on his phone, then move it way over the other side of the room so that when it keeps going off I can’t turn it off.

He managed to wake me again this morning, but I was able to fall back asleep (with a bit of a crash landing) only to be vaguely woken by Monkey Boy coming in, asking quietly where daddy was and disappearing. Although, that could have been my imagination.

Nope, it wasn’t.

I was woken immediately by the sound of Giant Snakes and Ladders being played, firstly by the oversized dice being rolled across the floor boards, time after time, followed immediately by extremely loud debate

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