Facts About Guinea Pigs

I have, so far, not lived up to my new title of Pet Murderer. Which is a good thing, as they are not my pets to murder.

Also, I didn’t kill the bloody goldfish. And I did clean the bowl out. After the little fish carked it and I fished (pardon the pun) him out and buried him in the garden for the cats to did up and eat.

So I will not be listening to any more of the “Yes, you did. You killed my fish because you didn’t clean the tank!”

Anyhoo, its Family Day. Which is always fun. Or not. Depending, I guess, on whether you enjoy the monotonous whinings of various children about how horrific/boring/stupid their parents/family/siblings/life is. Are.

I’m swithing between various roles in terms of organising to get out of the house. Godzilla chooses this “get your bloody shoes on, NOW!” moment to inform me of important facts pertaining to guinea pigs.

  1. Do no touch them when they are eating.
  2. Never lift their house up when they are sleeping.
  3. Never touch their bum when they are pooing.

I think this last one is just as important as the first, but given I can’t tell the arse end from a guinea pig from its head end, I may be in trouble. Perhaps I should’t have anything to do with them at all??

Off we go, have lovely day, have most revolting fish and chips on earth for lunch, wander around in cold, windy areas, stop at chocolate factory in Phillip Island again on the way home and then eat the snacks I so painstakingly (mostly due to the conversation we were having at the time) packed before we left. Most of which consited of vegetables and low fat crackers. And dip.

Much needed.

Chippie is close on falling asleep, but refusing to give up the lunch box he is holding. It’s like a security blanket for him. It’s a scenario we go through every time he is handed the lunch box to look after when in the car.

He decides not to fall asleep and, instead, entertains his brothers by smacking himself repeatedly in the head with it.

Ah, well, at least they are quiet. And entertaining themlseves.

More facts:

4. Never touch guinea pigs when they are sleeping outside of their house.
5. Never touch guinea pigs when they are drinking.

That last one could also be applied to mummies ….

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