Family Day #297 – Genetics

Each Sunday we aim to partake in a Family Day.

This invovles making vague suggestions about “doing something tomorrow” at around bedtime, and lying in in the morning saying “So, what are we going to do today? No, you decide. No, you decide. No, you decide. Well, I’m having a coffee, just let me know what we’re doing …” and spending the morning listening to the kids completely reject, in whingy voices, everything we suggest, asking if they can stay home and telling us that [insert whatever plan for the day is] is “boring” and they “hate it”.

Some are more planned than this. Some less.

Today was a trip to Lorne, because we have not been there for a while. Also, Monkey Boy is still not 100% but is no longer vomitting, I’m exhausted from lack of sleep, it is cold and raining.

We pack the two chooks I roasted yesterday afternoon in preparation for today, and some other snacks and food items. And my jacket and scarf. The rest have been told to pack their’s. Whether they do or not, we will find out when I am whinged at later today.

Pack the car, which was not all that easy with our fingers in our ears so we could no longer hear the Don’t Wannas, and off we go. Chicken and chip sandwiches on the beach, and decide to walk towards the hot chocolate’s and lattes. Chose the Walk Along The Beach Route, which, of course, involved climbing onto rocks, picking icky things up and jumping off stuff.

Then the ultimate challenge to run from Here to There before the waves came in and got you. Gave up worrying about lack of change of clothes and encourage kids to just get wet. They could drive home in their undies.

This is the mark of a fabulous day out, isn’t it? Driving home in your undies, freezing cold and with sand between your bum cheeks?

I also lost my favourite, long, woollen scarf, shades of grey. If anyone is up Lorne way and locates it, I’d LOVE it back. I miss it 🙁 )

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