Family Day: Brick by Brick, Word by Word

I booked the tickets sometime in October or November, but simply neglected to tell anyone.

Mostly because I am a selfish cow and wanted to avoid the whole “When are we going to Brickvention?!” thing.

I didn’t avoid it completely, of course. Monkey Boy did ask. As he asked when I was in the middle of something, because this is the only time you can ask me mundane and irrelevant questions (the more difficult the task, the more futile and unnecessary the question is), I was afforded the opportunity to flap my hand at him and say “What? What … I don’t know. Leave me alone, I’m terribly busy and important!”

Last night, I was even afforded the opportunity to saying “We’re going somewhere very special tomorrow. If you don’t stop acting like a complete arsehead, I’m gonna leave you behind!”

“Where are we going?” Monkey Boy asked.

“I’m not telling!” I replied. “Which means when you miss out tomorrow, it. Is. Going. To. SUCK! For you.”

I would not give in.

This morning, I overheard Godzilla, muttering to Monkey Boy after I’d mentioned we needed to leave, they were to have breakfast, get dressed, put their shoes on because it was a really special day.

“I bet we’re going to the dentist,” Godzilla tells his older brother.

Inevitably, I utilised this to my advantage, we left, arrived at the Royal Exhibition Building where Brickvention was being held, and I assured them that we were early for the dentist, so we were just going to stand in line and watch everyone go in.

I also couldn’t help but wonder if they’d watched too much Simpsons. A few weeks back, we all went out for dinner and the kids were being more than a little rambunctious. Grumpy Pants went off to pay the bill, and Monkey Boy came out with “I bet he’s gone out to buy cigarettes and won’t be coming back.”

When Grumpy hadn’t returned five minutes later, it was confirmed; “Yep, he’s gone out to buy cigarettes.”

That he doesn’t smoke merely confirmed Monkey Boy’s theory.

Of course, they may just very well have developed a knack for saying random things. I have no idea where they’d get this from.

Although, last night I did mention to Grumpy that I was “suitably satiated” after dinner.

He replied with “Do you mean ‘fuck off, I’m full’?”

So, you know …

Anyhoo, we did have tickets to Brickvention and we did go in and have a bit of a look around.

Chippie headed straight for the trains and remained there for as long as possible. Every time we dragged him away, he head back … we were undecided as to whether it was politically correct and good parenting to just leave him where he was happy, entertained and behaving, or pick him up, kicking and screaming, in a crowded exhibition building.

I had visions of a wayward foot collecting a meticulously constructed creation … it was not pretty.

We made our way around, Chippie vanishing at various intervals, Monkey Boy collecting a series of photographs with select Star Wars characters and Godzilla starting up the “I’m hungry” about halfway around … as he tends to do.

By the time we reached the end (via the gift shop and cafe, thank you very much) they’d all started on the “I’m hungry” bandwagon.

Typically, as we set plans for lunch, the kids feel wandering around the products for sale area, and nagging us to purchase things, is going to ensure we can eat sooner, rather than later.

Off for yum cha, which wasn’t quite yum cha, as our “usual” was fully booked, so we just ordered some yum cha items off a menu, elsewhere.

Come across an East Meets West festival on the way home, stop for a bit of a look and a go on the ferris wheel.

Head home, where the fabulousness of the morning is long forgotten, I try to distract them from being obnoxious by setting up a few Wii challenges between all family members, they get stupid and ridiculous and turn into complete arseheads.

All three are sent to their bedrooms, which is interpreted as “all congregate in the one room and continue to be loud, disruptive, obnoxious arseheads”.

Chippie tells Godzilla to stop being an arsehead.

They are ordered to go to bed.

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  1. I do love the “don’t tell them where they’re going until they’re actually walking in” strategy – we use it ALL the time!

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