Family Day Fun (not really)

Being all in the midst of having far too much on right now, and all manner of fuckups in terms of items for the house, our Family Day went the way of Doing More Stuff Around the House.

Admittedly, I am very, very grateful for the new shelves in the pantry. It is WAY more exciting than historical trains, although I do admit to missing them, given it has been quite a while since we’ve done a family day in which they were a major part of it.

Still. Shelves in pantry good.

Today, whilst Monkey Boy was off at a last minute birthday party, in which the invite was essentially a couple of text messages back and forth between he and the birthday person – another thing I must adjust my expectations around; teenage birthday party invites – the rest of us planned a fun filled day, full of excitement and adventure and … not really … I’m just trying to make it exciting.

First up was the first walk in hairdresser we could find, so they two younger ones could have their hair cut. The best part of this was, as we were waiting and listening to Godzilla moan about not wanting one, and Chippie rambling all kinds of ramblings at the woman sitting next to him, was the kid getting his hair cut and screaming blue murder.

It got to the point where his parents were taking turns to hold him and hug him whilst the hairdresser did her thing. Under the circumstances, she did brilliantly, and the little boy had reached the sob-hiccup stage of crying, and I’m pretty sure the parents were stressed out of their head.

Entertaining, indeed, and the upshot of it was that Godzilla’s surly snarkyness was completely able to be ignored in the face of what we’d just experienced from someone else’s child.

With all the fun of that mundanely boring experience, we set off to Spotlight to purchase curtains (see above regarding fuckups for things for house – we are STILL waiting on custom blinds from over two months ago … more on that another time) for three bedrooms.

Technically, our bedroom, the master bedroom, whatever you want to call it, has curtains. We spent many hours working out what we wanted, and purchasing all the bits and pieces required and they were a lovely, black, sheer, flowy curtain, with silver and white threw them, and the look lovely.

They enabled us to wake every morning to an entirely different view. Filtering the light just enough, we could see through the curtains to an unimpeded view of the sky; changing every morning in terms of clouds and colour, it was a gorgeous thing to wake to every morning.

Then spring came along, and whilst the morning sky still gave much in the way of delight, spring had moved the planet a little and I was being woken at some time not much after 5.00a.m. daily

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