Family Day Mining

It’s been a few weeks, but we had the opportunity to embark upon another of our trademark Family Days.

Last one, I started a List Of Place To Go For Family Day on my phone, and we even remembered to look at it and choose something from it.

Today it was the State Coal Mine in Wonthaggi, which we discovered when we were driving home, the kids pantsless, after out Family Day a few weeks back.

Chippie was revoltingly excited and made a few LEGO mine carts in preparation for the adventure and even ensured, via a screaming tantrum, that they were loaded into the back of the car so they may come along. Even the older two bypassed their usual Family Day Morning Disapproval and Disagreements.

We were off.

Albeit rather late.

When we got there, and booked our seats on the Mine Tour, the kids found a train – because it just wouldn’t be a Real Family Day if there weren’t a train of some sort involved, and climbed all over it, under, on, around, up on top of very high …

A Train for Climbing

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