Family Day, No Trains and Learning Stuff

A belated start and something we’ve neglected, again, for a week or so, we made the ambitious decision to embark upon another family day.

My children had led me to falsely believe that they had come to accept that the almost-weekly Family Day was inevitable and that we weren’t horrible parents who forced them to partake in hours long activities that were so horrendous as to have them bitching and complaining about going on an almost weekly basis.

So, they spent the morning arguing, bitching and complaining and we went anyway.

Our only distraction before going was Grumpy Pants donning his new, Father’s Day gift t-shirt, given to him by Monkey Boy.


“You think I’m number one dad, do you?” he asks of Monkey Boy.

Monkey Boy gave him an odd look before stating “That doesn’t say ‘number one’ it says ‘hashtag one’, you luddite!”

I pondered the state of my mind when I agreed to allow my twelve-year-old a teensy foray into the world of social media.

We opted for Grumpy’s work car for today’s journey as it has iPod connectivity and both Monkey Boy and Godzilla decided that they were going to listen to Monkey Boy’s iPod on the way. Given it has approximately three songs on it, and all three songs are currently doing the rounds on most popular, commercial radio stations and every time you turn the radio on you basically get Monkey Boy’s entire play list, both Grumpy and I said “no”.

We took mine instead as we felt it would be much more fun to fuck with their heads whilst retaining control of the music situation.

Me made it all the way to Loch, South Gippsland way, to the historic railway we knew was there somewhere.

It’s a beautiful little town with a gorgeous little historical railway station.



It also, apparently, had no trains running today …



A bite of lunch and we decided to head off to the next town, Nyora, where we thought the trains may be terminating.

They, too, offer some lovely, historical railway type things.



And no trains … but a skate park did keep the kids entertained for some time …



On to Korrumburra, which was the main station and where there was

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