Family Day, Trains, Anything To Get Some Peace & Silver Linings

Monkey Boy discovered, with much shock and horror, that we had neglected to obtain tickets to Brickvention this year.

Instead, we opted for Family Day doing train stuff, partly because Grumpy had promised Chippie and partly because … we can.

He did a fair amount of sulking and repeatedly asked why we weren’t doing Brickvention until I had to make a deal with him about sulking. I’d already endured four days of his apparent ‘hearing’ problem, although it’s possible it’s not so much ‘hearing’ as a complete brain malfunction issue.

Oh, the joys of being a teenager.

Off we go anyway, make it to Queenscliffe, Monkey Boy still refusing to smile or allow me to take photos and insisting that Godzilla was his favourite family member, which is a little disconcerting as he usually avoids Godzilla like the plague and often comments, unnecessarily so, that Godzilla is his

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