Family Day Trip

Entire family bored so head off for Echuca for the day.

Monkey Boy still remembering last trip, and insists on taking bathers so we can go for a swim in the Murray again.

Unfortunately, explaining that we can’t go for a swim, because it’s too cold and we’d probably have to crack the ice off the top first only sounds appealing to a six year old. Thus leading to additional attempts to convince, cajole and eventually scream that we are not going for a frigging swim in the middle of bloody winter!

Get there, and its raining.

Spent most of the time discussing why we could not play on soaking wet playground, go on a paddlesteamer (mummy’s nipples nearly had some kids eye out, it was so bloody cold!) and why we were going to have a large, skinny mocha and enjoy it whether they wanted to or not.

Headed home early, cold and wet, Harry Potter DVD and homemade pizza for dinner.

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