Family Day Trip

Invited to visit some friends who were holidaying at the beach, so thought we’d join them for the day.

Grumpy, with his fabulous penchant for being able to accurately predict the length of time it will take us to get from A to B was a good half an hour or more out. Yet I still believed him when he said it would only take an hour and a half.

His remarkable ability to navigate and get us from A to B via the shortest and most accurate route was also somewhat, hmm, retarded, and we drove around a bit “enjoying” the scenery.

We eventually arrived incredibly late.

Toddled off to the beach, with city slicker kids in tow once again. This beach had fewer waves, but a similar amount of sand working its way up into bum cracks.

Will they ever learn to deal with it?

Couldn’t find my camera on leaving. Damn. It was on top of the towels in the beach bag.

Discovered Grumpy had removed top towel and now had it around his waste – in the process, dumping all the wet and sand covered beach wear into the bag and onto the floor.

Removed towel from Grumpy, re-wrapped clothes.

Still no camera. Left at point that kids were beyond tired and becoming revolting. No time to look for it, lest we face the wrath of the overtired pre-schooler and his older, more articulate brother. Probably fallen out, so no doubt friends will find it and let me know.

Fortunatley, a long and tiring day, so

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