Family Day Un-Fun

I need a break.

I need to be away from the normal.

I need to be away from the routine.

I need to be away from the house and all that is in it.

I need to be … away.

Which is why Family Day is imperative for the safety and wellbeing of the Family.

And despite my efforts, each week, of destroying the “I hate family day” and “I don’t want to go” gibberish, it persisted again this morning.

I was getting desperate and yelled. I want a family day without all this leadup bullshit first.

So, after establishing what we were going to do, including Godzillla remaining at home, sitting outside on the steps and awaiting our return, which could be hours and hours and hours later, and I don’t care because he was getting what he asked for; the opting out of family day and staying at home, the phone rings.

It is one of my many brothers-in-law. Just checking that Grumpy and Godzilla were still up for fishing and he’ll be here in 45 minutes.

Fucking, fuck, fuckeroo, damnit!

There is always one who spoils my plans.

Worse, I was required ot kick brain into gear again and think of something else to do. Something that didn’t require much thought or effort.

So, Monkey Boy, Chippie and I went to the movies to see Arthur Christmas.

It was nice. It was enjoyable. Chippie sat through most of it on his own chair and ate most of my popcorn and drank most of my drink.

Upon returning home, we discovered the boys had caught no fish at all, and had, in fact, spent most of the time at the local golf club eating chips and drinking lattes.

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