Family Day Vajayjay!

Monkey Boy has been a little bit ‘teenagery’ of late.

It’s inevitable, really. He almost is one.

It’s a new ‘phase’, a stage of development, growing up, really freaking stressful!

A talk last week, after a considerably stressful, yelling, screaming, incident and both of us needing to take some time out, resulted in a management system of sorts. Something we both agreed we’d utilise if the situation called for it.

Basically, he was to be called on it if he was ‘being a dick’ and it would be a code word of sorts for him to understand that his behaviour was going to far, and to ensure I remained calm enough to provide him with a safe space to talk to me about what was going on, what he needed, or us both to understand he needed to sit in his room but was not in trouble.

Sorted. Phew. And put into practice a few times since, but circumstances haven’t quite been so horrible as the moment that called for this Talk had been.

Today is Family Day and we set off or a trip to Phillip Island for the day. Monkey Boy feels it is now in his rights to negotiate absolutely everything and agreed to participate in Family Day on the condition that we visit the Chocolate Factory whilst there.

Grumpy Pants and I have this covered and do a lot of “Ask your dad” and “Ask you mum” back and forth, without anyone really giving an answer and him resorting to the “Uuurgggh!” response that I keep telling him is an extremely valid, informative and persuasive argument that he should use more often.

Godzilla doesn’t want to go because it is cold. He will find an excuse to argue with anything.

So we go anyway, and almost run out of petrol along the way. We shop for some lunch, find a petrol station so we can get to our destination and stop at a playground to actually eat lunch.

Grumpy and Godzilla assist Monkey Boy with his fear of birds (not quite a phobia, but if the ‘help’ he keeps getting keeps going, it soon will be) by throwing chips right behind Monkey Boy so the seagulls all flock around him.

Thus, I found myself attempting to eat my chicken roll with a child, almost my own height, sitting on my lap and saying “Mu-um, make them stop! Why are they so horrible to me?”

I told them to stop so I could eat my lunch in peace.

A visit to the Nobbies and a run along the boardwalk in the chilling wind was just what we needed post-lunch.

We wandered along, seeing if we could spot any penguins nesting, and taking in the most magnificent view … the water an opalescent blue, it was amazing.

Monkey Boy appreciated the experiencing by tying

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