Family Day

Sore throat abating, a Friday spent in bed with a headache so bad it made me throw up and fatigue easing up.

Family Day!

Nothing major planned, which means more time for faffing about in the morning. I did have a photographer from the Herald Sun scheduled for 9.00a.m. to take a photo of Chippie and I. He arrived, Chippie refused to cooperate at first, then, as the photographer and I had nearly had enough, he did. It resulted in me ending up covered in sand and having a handful thrown in my face.


Then, Getting Ready To Head Out And Do Fun Stuff With The Family For The Day commenced with me wandering into my bedroom to find Grumpy Pants in his undies, fighting the kids on my now completely destroyed bed.

And, shortly thereafter, my being forced to explain that “There will be no tickling anybody’s arse with a feather!”

I leave the room, vaguely contemplating my need to have to announce anything remotely ridiculous as that.

Then I stop contemplating before my head explodes.

We head off to visit some in-laws, go for a ride on a miniature railway, where Chippie loudly declares his desire to remain aboard the train, and, finally, off to visit and farewell some friends who are heading off overseas. Forever.


Arrive home.

Inform children that I don’t really care about the size of their balls, they are not to be thrown around the house.

Walk off shaking head again …

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